The FrankenDress is a perfect example of having a vision for something, executing it, and realizing that it doesn’t work for you. The Pinsperation: I got the dress completely finished, with the drop-cold shoulder sleeves. And realized that I hate that look on my body. After mulling it over for […]

Slim Fit Raglan SAL – The FrankenDress

I have a confession to make. The boho dress sleeves and I have had a misunderstanding. Overall the construction is sound, but I’m just not feeling the way it looks on me. I have a solution in mind, so I will be posting that. But in the meantime I have […]

Slim Fit Raglan SAL – Men’s Hoodie

Welcome to my first official sew along post! Here’s a quick list of all the previous posts, so you can get caught up. Kelly’s Save the Date My Save the Date Cutting and Marking Your Pattern Kelly will be showcasing the overall construction, going into amazing detail that will help you […]

Slim Fit Raglan SAL – Pattern Mashing

Congratulations Jan Crawford! Thank you so much everyone who entered, I’m really excited to see the beautiful creations we’re going to make! The Sew Along starts on March 15, so there’s still time to get the pattern and wash that fabric. If you have any questions, feel free to ask […]

Slim Fit Raglan Sew Along – And the Winner Is…

Last summer, the lovely Kelly Hogaboom, code named the Vegan Tailor introduced me to sewing with knits through her Jalie Swimsuit SAL. She was so very kind, responding to my half a bajillion questions, even taking the time to Skype with me about all sorts of projects. We’ve since bonded over […]

Save The Date – A Slim Fit Raglan Sew-Along

I think this recipe is going to quickly become a family favorite. I love it, because it’s one pot and super simple. Plus, it’s tasty, full of flavor. Lemon Cream Chicken Print Recipe Servings 6 Servings 6 Lemon Cream Chicken Print Recipe Servings 6 Servings 6 Ingredients 3 chicken breasts […]

Lemon Cream Chicken

A little while ago I posted my recipe for granola and all the reasons I prefer something else for breakfast over cereal. Basically it comes down to health and bang for your buck. Most cereals are not very filling. Whereas a bowl of yoghurt and granola will keep you going for […]


  We go through bananas in this house like crazy. I can buy 20 in a week, and by Friday evening when I go to make a smoothie, they will all be gone. So if I want to make banana anything, I usually have to buy and hide some specifically […]

Banana Yoghurt Muffins

Except for Monday, this week was entirely new recipes for me. After being sort of lazy last week (oops) I was wanting to branch out again into the wide world of new recipes. This week I also jumped headfirst into the world of fermented sodas. What’s this you say? If […]

{meal plan} May 9-15

All hail the might egg roll wrapper. Seriously. Where has this been my whole life?? I made these for dinner on Saturday and have honestly been daydreaming about all the other things I could put inside those little crunchy sheets. These ones were so quick and easy, and a delicious […]

Pizza Rolls