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A while ago, someone (I believe it was @lifeonisland) retweeted a link to a blog with this beautiful quilt. The quilt blocks are released every Monday on the site. It’s my first quilt, and given the blocky nature of Minecraft, it’s a perfect project. Armed with the bundle from Fat Quarter Shop and my shiny new sewing machine I got to work. Sadly, I’m woefully behind, like months but on a good day I can get several blocks done.

Piecing is hard y’all. My sewing is nice and neat, I press everything. But getting those little sections to match up! Yeesh. This quilt is a good reminder that practice makes better. Any tips or tricks you lot may have on piecing would be MUCHLY appreciated. I do have a 1/4″ foot, but am having an issue getting a scant 1/4″ seam. But we are getting there, and I am mostly pleased with the results.

So far, the trickiest part of this quilt is keeping it a secret from Minime, as it’s her Christmas gift. That means only working on it when she’s not around, AND not showing her the blocks as I finish them. I know she’d be super stoked, so it’s hard not sharing that with her now and seeing her reaction. But I think her reaction on Christmas afternoon will be worth it! It’s been a while since I’ve delved into a new project like this and I’m loving it. Combining the nerdy with the domestic DIY in me, and fabrics (I love me a good fabric)… I’m a bit surprised I haven’t gotten down to quilting before now.

Here’s what I’ve got so far!


















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