Huzzah! The blog is launched! Mostly it’s just recipes right now, which is going to be the heart of the blog, but I am also going to be posting about all the other things I do. #lifeofapolymath Like sewing three quilts at a time, camping, designing clothing, canning, pets (I […]

We’re Alive! And a Giveaway!

What constitutes kitchen basics is going vary from person to person. There’s the absolute basics, and then what I’d consider to be a comfortably stocked space. For the most part, I’m going to write this list for the comfortably stocked kitchen with notes on things that could be omitted if […]

Kitchen Basics

After reading about the incident this last weekend where a man left an incredibly sexist note¬†for his female pilot, I felt like it was time to channel my anger into this blog post I’ve been meaning to write for a while. The note left by passenger “David” is, I believe, […]

Why Game of Thrones is A Danger to Society

I’m starting a new feature on the blog. I’m going to post my reviews here, rather than Goodreads. I dislike the direction that site is going since Amazon took it over. Anyways… There’s not much I love more than coffee, so rather than stars… books will be rated by how […]

Books I Loved in 2013