Cooking Without A Recipe! Potato Leek Soup



Last week I picked up my first CSA box. What is CSA? Farm Folk City Folk defines it like this:

C.S.A. is a program of mutual commitment between a farm and a community of supporters. It links people directly with their source of food, providing them with the most fresh, sustainably produced food; it gives farmers a source of income at their time of highest expense (early spring). Shareholders purchase a share in the season’s harvest and receive a weekly package of food.

I wasn’t able to sign up for a CSA this year until just now. Fortunately Abundant Acres still had space and allowed me join them. The above picture is my box from this week. In the car on the way home I was smelling those amazing leeks and knew I had to make a potato leek soup. I had the basics, so I figured I’d just throw it all together and see what happened!

I’m slowly getting used to cooking on taste pallet rather than recipe. Baby steps right? I’m taking things I know, like a basic potato soup concept, and branching out. I’ve been watching this cooking show with genius home Chef, Michael Smith. He really breaks down the recipes for you into their essential parts, and then shows you how to play with them. It’s giving me a LOT more confidence in the kitchen to leave my recipes behind and just go for it! (yes I realize the irony in my giving a recipe for this… but it’s not so much a recipe as a suggestion list)

And so, without further ado, my first recipe-less success..

Hmm This Sounds Good, Potato Leek Soup

  • potatoes, peeled and diced
  • leeks, chopped finely
  • shallots, diced
  • garlic, diced
  • light cream (about 2C)
  • turkey sausage, chunked
  • chicken stock (about 4C)

I threw the leeks, sausage and shallots in a pan with some oil and sautéed them down. Then I removed the sausage and put the rest in a crockpot with cream, chicken stock and the potatoes. Left it on low for… 7 hours? ish. Puréed it with my immersion blender (I don’t know how I ever used to live without one!) and threw the sausage back in.

Oh my HAT it was delicious. I’d show you a pic of the soup, but it disappeared too fast!