Heart of Thankfulness

My heart has been so full of gratefulness the last bit. This is, in part, due to a challenge group on Facebook I’m a part of. We were encouraged to post every day about something we were thankful for. Some days this has been much easier than others. But I have noticed, over the past two weeks, how I am stopping to think about what I am thankful for over the things currently trying my sanity. And sharing them with a group, seeing others being thankful for all sorts of things, has really helped it just soak into my brain.

We all say we should be more thankful, but this deliberate action on my part to pick something out of every day, and share it with others, has been life changing. I do have so much to be thankful for. And on the surface it would seem I have very little to impede that. But we all know how rarely things are as they seem. Behind the super together mom at school drop off with the perfectly groomed children is someone battling cancer, the man who is behind you in the grocery line is taking his only break that month from caring for his elderly parents, really… We just don’t know.

I got married this summer, and that was awesome. But even with weddings, as everyone who has been involved with one can tell you, there is a mountain of stress that does not stop with “I do.” Even in my incredible happy ever after with the man of my dreams, there are things.

Taking time to intentionally and purposefully focus on something good, even on the rain cloud days, has become a habit. They say do anything for two weeks and it becomes a habit, turns out they are actually right. I’m hoping to make this one a lifestyle. Each time it gets easier and easier to switch from griping to grateful.

Upset I have to find time to grocery shop and cook between the billion other things I have to do?
Grateful I have the money for food, and a great kitchen to cook it in.

Exhausted after taking the puppy out several times at night?
Heart melts when he picks up his chew toy, plods over to DD8 and sprawls on her lap making her smile.

It goes on and on. In every difficult, stressful, grumpy-making situation there is a way to be thankful. And I’m so glad I am finally figuring that out.

So my challenge to you is, make switching from gripe to grateful a habit. If you want, come here and post it, or tweet me (@inspiritedmama). I’d love to share them with you!