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This time of year if you’re like most of us, you start thinking ahead to the next year, and looking back on the year that has gone. Last year was really amazing, and I am so excited about what 2014 will hold. I don’t really do resolutions… I like setting goals. I get a little better each year at accomplishing them.

Take More Photos

And better ones! Thanks to my cell phone I pretty much stopped using cameras. Cell phones are great and so convenient. But they don’t take the same kind of photos. Fortunately, N happens to own a wonderful DSLR that I now have a half-share in lol. So this year I want to learn to use it well and start to properly capture all the wonderful memories we’re creating.

Learn the Violin

Finally. I’ve only owned it for over two years. But I now have a good tuner for it (I’m rubbish at tuning by ear) and all I need is a stand for my music. I have the books, videos and everything. Just need to carve out more regular time.

Craft More

This last year was not especially creative. And I felt it. I want to create more art this year. I want to draw more, color more, sew more, knit more. Maybe get halfways good at one or two of them.  In particular drawing. I have a few drawing books, and I want to use them more. Practice more. I always tell Minime, practice makes better but I don’t put that into practice in my life. I don’t practice as much as I should.

Keep Up With the Scrapbook

Catching up is probably something that will never happen. I can largely accept that. I have a few ideas of how to create photo memories for those years, but properly scrapbooking them all is not got likely. That said, I don’t want to fall behind. Part of this will be keeping photos organized and ready to go.

Manage My Time

I am terrible at time management in my own life. I do fairly well at work, and I want to start implementing that at home. I bought myself one of the Martha Stewart (love her) customizable planners. I’ve started using it and I really like it. It helps to look at the week and write down when I need to do things in advance. I am famous for forgetting to do things and then having to scramble at the last minute – this does not always work. So now I’m working on planning. Doing this will also really help working in learning violin, crafting more, and photo editing/posting of the photos I do take.

So, those are my goals for the year ahead. What are yours?


4 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  • Marija Smits

    These are such lovely things to look forward to! I began to draw this year and am already so pleased with my progress. For me, little and often works, and I hope you manage to find the time to do the creative things you want to do. It’s incredibly soul-enriching to be creating things and I’ve found painting and drawing to be really relaxing. Best wishes to you!

  • admin Post author

    Thanks! I am particularly looking forward to increased creativity this year. I feel like it’s going to make a huge difference.

    • admin Post author

      We shall see… I have owned this violin for a couple years and not gotten far at all. But I really really want to learn, sadly I can not fork out for lessons so I have to be disciplined.

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