My 2014 Guiding Word 1

I’d never heard of a Guiding Word until this year. Someone posted a link on Facebook to this workbook that included figuring out what your word was. While I never did get around to doing the workbook (it’s been a busy month!) I have embraced the idea of a Guiding Word.

What is a Guiding Word you ask? Good question. The way I understand it is that it’s kind of your motto for the year. Something that, when looking back at the year 365 days from now, you can see weaving its way through. I think 2013’s word was change. From getting engaged in January, married in August, moving in October, completely changing careers, churches, and haircolors! It was also a huge year of growth, especially in the way that I look at the world around me. Being introduced to new things like Guiding Words, and Project Based Homeschooling is a symptom of that and I am loving it.

So, without further ado… my Guiding Word for 2014 is…


 I went through Mama Scout’s prompts to help me sort it out and they were super helpful! And I think that CREATE really emphasizes my goals for the year. After a year of stretching myself very little creatively, I’m ready for a year full of it. And in doing so, to slow down and take in the year more, rather than rushing through. Less time wasted (however enjoyably) and a little more productive.

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