After spending most of last week eating whatever I could throw together quickly as I prepared to cater a wedding on Saturday, I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to getting back into the kitchen this week! There are times when I think it’d be nice to […]

{meal plan} April 18-24

Pho is one of the few recipes that I will “cheat” with when I make it. Normally when I want pho, I want something fairly quick and simple, I don’t want to put in the hours that goes into making the perfect bone broth. So, I buy the Asian Home […]

Beef Pho

I love sourdough. It’s one of those things. Those who are not bakers will not understand fully, the wonder that is the humble sourdough starter. A weird mix of water and flour that lives on your counter. Yes, lives… because a starter is alive. Making a bread that is 100% […]

Sourdough Pancakes

The above bread bowls were not made by me. They were made by my bestie, who has little baking experience, and has never made anything yeast-based in his life. Early in March, I went to Texas and spent two weeks baking and making food for starving college students. I wanted […]

Bread Bowls

I’ve not met many people who didn’t like lasagna. There are so many different kinds. From vegetarian and pasta-free, to full on MEAT MEAT MEAT. But… it can be a bit of a pain to make. I mean, it’s not terrible, but it’s not exactly quick. And sometimes, I just […]

Lasagna Soup

Once upon a time, long ago, when I worked at an actual job and did things like go out for happy hour afterwards… we went to this little Irish Pub and I ordered a truly delicious soup. Creamy, flavorful, with just a hint of spice. I’ve been wanted to duplicate […]

Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup

What constitutes kitchen basics is going vary from person to person. There’s the absolute basics, and then what I’d consider to be a comfortably stocked space. For the most part, I’m going to write this list for the comfortably stocked kitchen with notes on things that could be omitted if […]

Kitchen Basics

A deliciously simple recipe that fits with my food philosophy: whole food and budget friendly. Warm and filling, a perfect alternate to traditional tacos.

Chicken Taco Soup

brick painted curtain and a platform 9 3/4 sign hung over top
“Welcome to Hogwarts!” My daughter is quite in love with the world of Harry Potter at the moment. This year she turned 11, and so obviously it was time for a Harry Potter themed birthday. I will confess right now, I absolutely went overboard with this party. It was the […]

Slytherin Sleepover

This last year was one of the most whirlwind years I can remember. It held far too many goodbyes. And, it really got me thinking about my own life and how I so often take for granted that I shall have many many tomorrows to do things that I put […]

{mindful} in 2015