Wasabi Crusted Teriyaki Steak


I was a vegetarian for a while. And avoided red meat for even longer. Couldn’t really tell you why, it was just a thing in my twenties. Now I am older, and perhaps wiser, red meat is a staple. But not just any meat. Steak is a treat, because if you’re going to eat steak… it should be good steak. Striploin is a great cut, and my personal favorite but it’s pricey. More often I will tend towards a nice sirloin. You want the steak to be a minimum of an inch thick, otherwise you’ll need to watch it carefully to avoid overcooking.

Unsure how to tell if your meat is done how you like? Try the finger test:

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Wasabi Crusted Teriyaki Steak
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Wasabi Crusted Teriyaki Steak
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Teriyaki Marinade
Wasabi Crust
  1. Marinate the steak in the teriyaki sauce for at least an hour (overnight is preferred). Let the steak come to room temp (about 30-45 min) before cooking.
  2. Heat a heavy bottom pan (I like my cast iron for this) on medium. Whatever pan you use should be able to go in the oven. The pan needs to be HOT, if you add a splash of water you want it to sizzle.
  3. Cook the steak 3-5 minutes each side. Personally after the first side I like to add the leftover marinade for flavor.
  4. Top the steak with the breadcrumb mix and put into the oven @250F for 15-20 min. NOTE: the actual time will need to be adjusted based on thickness of the steak and how you like it cooked.
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