Slytherin Sleepover

brick painted curtain and a platform 9 3/4 sign hung over top

“Welcome to Hogwarts!”

My daughter is quite in love with the world of Harry Potter at the moment. This year she turned 11, and so obviously it was time for a Harry Potter themed birthday. I will confess right now, I absolutely went overboard with this party. It was the first time in years I’d hosted one of her birthdays at my house, and yeah… stuff happened.

First, the invites:

inv inv2

I made them using Photoshop and some free images I found online. Then had them printed at Staples , double sided on nice paper. The invites came with envelopes, so I used my calligraphy pen to label them.

The front door (picture at the beginning of this post) is a cheap fabric shower curtain that I taped down on the living room floor (at 2AM the night before the party, lol) and then used some acrylic paint from the dollar store and sponged it on.


The sign is hand lettered with a paint Sharpie onto red poster board, which I mounted onto foam core board. The logo and platform bit were printed onto regular paper, cut out and attached using spray adhesive.

The party had two main “activities”, a photobooth and a Harry Potter Monopoly game.


The photobooth was fairly easy to make, if somewhat time consuming. The props were found online (lots of free resources!) and I made a few myself. They were then printed onto regular paper, spray adhesived onto foam core board, and cut out. I just used simple bamboo skewers from the dollar store for the handles.


Lots of props!


Apparently she couldn’t smile, because she was being a Slytherin, lol


The Monopoly game on the other hand was… a LOT of work. Totally worth it, but a lot of work. I got the idea from Collet Creative who was responsible for the original files that I used. After downloading them I sent them off to the printer (as I can’t print that big at home), and let me tell you the actually getting the prints was an ordeal in and of itself. Let this be a lesson to you, don’t procrastinate and send those off ASAP!

After getting the files I posted the two large board sheets onto some thin ply I picked up at Home Depot. I taped the center together with some black Duct tape, so it would fold.


It was very shiny, and of course just bare paper. So I covered the entire thing with several thin coats of Mod Podge.

All the property cards, money, etc were printed and just needed to be cut out. One issue I had with the files was that printed double sided for the property, spell and potion cards they did not line up at all. So I printed on two sheets and spray adhesived together. I liked this option anyway, as it gave the cards a bit more weight.


Money was printed on as close to the “proper” colors as I could find. For the houses and properties, I searched online for an appropriate substitution. I wound up finding Disney Monopoly huts and castles, that were PERFECT.


For the tokens, I had a few options. Several were rather pricey, and was trying to keep things reasonable. I wound up finding a “witchy” charm bracelet online. Simply took the charms off and voila! Tokens!


Put it all together, and you have yourself a custom Monopoly game!


Goodie bags were a printable of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans found online.


Instead of filling the entire box with Jelly Bellies (because wow expensive). I put the beans in a ziploc bag against the window. Then there was just enough room in the box to slip in a Chocolate Frog 🙂

Lastly, the food. I probably could have just dumped a bunch of candy on the table and the girls would have been fine. But I went all out with everything else, why not the food too?


The table was pushed up against our mantle (which was decorated with some house-themed printables mounted onto foam core boards).

IMG_0781 IMG_0782 IMG_0783 IMG_0784 IMG_0841

The polyjuice potion was simply cheese whiz melted and mixed with salsa. Herbology bites was a chocolate fondu (probably the biggest hit). The girls demolished the table, lol. But I made sure to keep the bananas and strawberries stocked up, and we had homemade pizza for dinner proper. No one got sick, so yay!


A few other things rounded out the party:

A visit from Salazar Slytherin himself (courtesy of my sister, B)


And then another special appearance by Draco, our Bearded Dragon.


A few of the girls were uncertain about this reptile, but his cute lil face won most of them over!

Pictures from the party <3